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Up Town Snack Box

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Up Town Snack Box 

Your Taste Of Jamaica Snack Box will contain  all items shown in the picture and written below

x2 Soldanza Ripe Plantain Chips’ Original & Spicy
x1 Cheese Krunchies
x1 Snackables’ Nacho Cheese
x1 Police Button Cookies
x3 Butterkist Cookies’ Butter, Coconut & Festival
x2 Rough Tops’ Original & Coconut
x1 Bits
x1 Ginger Biscuits
x2 Charlie Biscuits’ Original & Coconut
x1 Butterkist Sandwich Cookies’ Cookies & Cream
x2 Shirley Biscuits’ Original & Coconut
x5 National Sandwich Cookies’ Duplex, Vanilla, Strawberry, Peanut Butter & Chocolate
x2 Tiki*
x1 Tang*
x1 Spiced Bun
x3 Bobbies (Chocolate Covered Peanuts)
x10 Mixed Sweets*
x1 Lasco’ Hot Chocolate Mix

Items with an asterisk* means that they’re available in different flavours and one will be chosen at random. Please contact me if you would like to request a certain flavour or if you have any allergy requests. 

Your Taste Of Jamaica Snack Box will be shipped in our branded box, wrapped in tissue paper and shipped in a mailer.

Happy shopping, 

Taste Of Jamaica